Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Hard Of Hearing with a passion for music

It's been a while since I have written anything so Sorry if I start to ramble.

My Life with  music and the hearing world has been an Interesting one to say the least. Not many people know of my condition with my ears and the reason why I am so passionate about the music I find. 

To give a little back ground on what I deal with.

I fall into the 1% of the worlds population that will have to have holes in my ear drums or tubes for majority of my life if not the entirety of my life. If I do not have a tube or hole in my ear drums, my ear drums will recede and eventually I will become deaf. I have had 8 different surgeries on my ears since I was 11 months old and 5 sets of tubes. I have quite a bit of scar tissue on both ear drums and I am legally hard of hearing. Another way to put the way I hear the world is this   

When I find music that I love I support it with a Passion. Knowing that one day I wont be able to hear this in the future. I have accepted the fact that I will probably be deaf by the age of 50. That's 25 years to enjoy my kids, family and the music I love before it all is lost forever. Dealing with this issue is one of the hardest things I personally feel that I have dealt with. It frustrates friends and family when they talk to me and I don't hear them and they have to repeat themselves 5 times before I catch everything. I saddens me that they get so frustrated on something that I have no control over. I miss about 40% of my world right now on sounds and what is said to me. The further sound has to travel the less I hear and the lower the tone of voice the less I hear.

To go back to the music part of this post, Music is the one thing that gets me through the hardest times in my life. Despite my disability I don't let that hinder my life or enjoyment of music. I love going to concerts and living in that moment. Enjoy being with like minded people. Being at a concert I fit in no one knows that I have a hearing impairment. We're all there for one cause, one movement and that's Music. 

One band that has gotten me through some of my Hardest times is Adelitas Way. The music is so inspiring and there is a song that fits Every mood I am in. Its amazing. Their lead Rick is one of the best in the Music Industry. He's created a family of his fan base and we are all one. The way he treats his fan base is Best to None as well. Its bands and People like him that make music enjoyable and makes me want to have my hearing that much longer to be able to enjoy something that I love wholeheartedly.

I honestly don't know where I would be without the music in my life. Besides my Family its the one thing that keeps me sane.